why girls must discover themselves before marriage


It’s very important to learn the secrets of why girls must discover themselves before marriage. Marriage is sacred and there are really so many things one must consider before choosing who to spend the rest of their lives with. This article is particularly for ladies but guys can also learn from it.

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You might not know this or you might have thought about it but not seriously; it’s very important for a girl to know what she wants, who she wants to be and how she wants her life. Including career, marriage and motherhood.

I know you would ask; “how is that even possible or you might argue that one can never be sure of all this”. Whichever way, just know that facts remain facts and we must take practical steps to ensure the establishment of these facts, by learning the secrets of why girls should discover themselves before marriage.

why girls must discover themselves before marriage!

Marriage is never sweet without you as a lady being fully involved, without you living your best and dream life. Be it career, self discovery or even the marriage itself – your husband cannot decide all these for you. Discovering yourself before marriage is something you must work on to achieve a happy marriage where you are self fulfilled. It becomes frustrating when all you do is to wake up, make the bed, prepare food for your family, take care of the kids, go to the market and satisfying your husband when he wants sex.

It’s very essential for you as a lady to contribute both physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and financially in your marriage.

Important: don't get married because the guy can take care of you or because you want to ease the stress of providing for yourself, the truth is, there's nothing as sweet and fulfilling as being able to foot your bills and take care of yourself - DON'T BE A BURDEN.

What marriage is all about

Marriage is for Completeness and Assistance. The man you want to marry isn’t complete and having your body alone with him won’t make him complete. You have to be able to assist him make plan and execute plans, you have got to carryout some duties beyond sex and cooking; YOUR BRAIN IS GOT TO BE WORKING EFFECTIVELY!. If you have not discovered yourself, if you don’t even know your strength and weakness, then you’re going to add to his stress and struggle instead of making things easier for him.

Therefore ladies, it’s very important that every girl must discover herself before marriage. Acquire skills, explore, make mistakes, be independent and know who you really are before accepting the biggest responsibility of all time “I DO”.

I have seen people who made these mistakes and it’s really destroying them and their homes. It’s a big struggle and it doesn’t really end well. You can still make amends if you’re already married, i’m not promising it’s gonna be easy but honestly, it’s worth doing.

CHEATING IS NOT THE ONLY THING THAT BREAKS MARRIAGES. Lack of self discovery before marriage doesn’t only destroy your marriage but destroys you too. So you’ve got lots of responsibilities and it all starts from you making these mistakes or not.

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  1. Hmm… Deep
    would love to add this tho…. timing is everything.. most girls have missed out on the right man because they were “discovering” themselves… Even as you try out things, learn about things..u know developing yourself… Put yourself on a time limit… Mind you ,it’s different from being under pressure… Just see it as having a target… That way you get to achieve your dreams and your dream man… ..great write up baby!

  2. Wow gr8 really important for ladies to discover Dem selves so d work load on d man will reduce.Keep it up

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